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Recovery cases

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We run a treatment program that specializes in correcting misalignment of the body.

The cases you’ve seen above are not the result of focusing on individual illnesses or symptoms, but are the result of returning a misaligned body structure to its original state.

What is misalignment of the body?



How TEASHIS is unique

Successful at anatomically analyzing misalignment of the body

The greatest benefit of TEASHIS is that it offers a method to precisely analyze misalignment of the body from an anatomical perspective.




Our bones and joints have places and angles they should naturally be in‒this is defined by our anatomies.

As mentioned in the previous section, our bones are kept in their proper places by being pulled on either end by muscles. However, our bones can be pulled out of alignment if we tend to favor one side over the other or the like during daily life, work, or when playing sports.

We refer to this as “misalignment of the body.” When we analyze a patient we see which muscle relaxes when another is tensed, and then check the bone position, muscle orientation, and trajectory/range of each joint at that part of the body.

A reproducible approach

Once we know which muscles causing misalignment tense and which relax, the theory going forward is simple.

  • Relax tense muscles.
  •  Tense relaxed muscles.

We then use a method to correct the misalignment that is pain-free and that uses the various reflex mechanisms found in the human body.



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